Not Frank Zappa By Any Means

February 2, 2014 12:12 AM

I've been keeping to myself all week -- have only been outside to check the mail since Sunday -- and this evening I had a friend over to talk, which I thought went well. but later there was some weird drama that is outside the range of what I want this blog -- which appears on web pages that are supposed to be all ages and a business project -- to be about.

On the other hand I'm not at all afraid to introduce children to Frank Zappa. Does that make me some kind of evil freak?

Specifically, while contemplating my goal for this blog the phrase "keep it geeky" came to mind, immediately followed by alternate lyrics to a Frank Zappa song.

The original lyrics are "Keep it greasy so it goes down easy." I think he's talking about diner food but what do I know.

The alternate lyrics were "keep it geeky so it's clean and squeaky."

I'm going to try completeing the feature on the 3-D Go board that I stopped working on twentytwo hours ago now

Good night